Orlando Real Estate, Orlando Buyers Agent, Orlando Homes, Orlando Buyers Broker: Oviedo Real Estate Home defects are NOT 'Grandfathered in"

Oviedo Real Estate Home defects are NOT 'Grandfathered in"

Oviedo Real Estate Home defects are NOT 'grandfathered in"

Many Oviedo Realtors think that Oviedo Real Estate Home defects are 'grandfathered in"...I hear this every time an Oviedo house problem comes up..."well, the seller bought it that way, so the Oviedo Real Estate Home problem is "grandfathered in"... give me a break, there is no such thing as "grandfathered in" when it comes to house problems. Ordinances maybe, not home defects.

"Grandfathered in" is a term used that tries to say that a particular item is "exempt " for repair or upgrading because it has been like that a long time...and by saying that the sellers agent hopes to convince the buyer to just accept it and be OK with it.

Oviedo Home problems are problems regardless of who owns the Oviedo house and regardless of how it happened, when it happened or why the seller bought the house in Oviedo that way...that is irrelevant! It is a Oviedo Real Estate Home defect that is not grandfathered in and needs to be fixed. Here are some of the things that Oviedo real estate agents say...      home with defects

  • It is "grandfathered" in...                                  


  • It's OK, seller bought it that way... 


  • Permits are not required...


  • But you got a great price!


  • It was not a problem for the seller...


Sorry, but Oviedo HOME DEFECTS ARE NOT GRANDFATHERED IN AND IT IS A PROBLEM FOR THE BUYER.   If the Oviedo home buyer buys the property in the same condition, they may be required to fix the problem prior to their sale...the Oviedo buyer is then stuck with a problem that was never grandfathered in....ever!

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Comment balloon 1 commentEve Alexander • June 18 2012 02:45PM


Who would ever tell their client that a home defect is grandfathered in? That really does not make any sense and surely they would not hear that from a Realtor.
I work for a brokerage who's goal is to provide transparency and honest during each step of the real estate process.

Posted by Jenelle over 3 years ago