Orlando Real Estate, Orlando Buyers Agent, Orlando Homes, Orlando Buyers Broker: Buy a Home in Windermere without a pushy realtor...

Buy a Home in Windermere without a pushy realtor...

Buy a Home in Windermere without a pushy realtor...Windermere Buyers Agent

I love selling buyers homes in Windermere Florida, but hate pushy realtors, high pressure real estate agents, or SALESY agents...in fact I hate anyone in real estate that has a big mouth.

You know the kind...

  • Those that try to strong arm you into buying a property that you have no interest in buying... 
  • Those that try to twist your arm when they show you their company listing...
  • Those that try to convince you that this house is such a deal, that there are several offers on the home, but they will "get your offer in the door" if you move quickly and sign on the home contract dotted line today...


Last week one of those pushy realtors opened up a luxury property in Windermere and proceeded to "SELL" the Windermere Home like her life depended on it...the home buyer could not get out the door fast enough.  I was the last to leave the Windermere Home, when the pushy real estate agent told me that I did not know how to "sell"  Windermere properties...she said I should have talked the buyers into wanting this "special" Windermere house...ahhhh...I think not.

I believe that it is my job as a buyer agent is to help you buy a house, not try to slam you into buying something that is not the right fit.  It's your Windermere home buying decision, not mine.  You are going to live in the Windermere house, not me.  I am an expert at searching for the right house, analyzing property, and advising home buyers about their best options  but, I will always let you pick your favorite house. If this Windermere house does not make you warm and fuzzy, we just move on to the next house, no pressure.

The only time I become a pushy realtor is when something happens that is not right; someone is trying to cheat the buyer and I have to advocate in the buyers best interest...yes, in that case I do become a pushy Windermere Buyers Agent ...and my big buyers advocate mouth stays open until the injustice is corrected.  Things like that are not OK on my watch.

Other than that, I will let you buy a home in Windermere...in peace.  I promise.

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Comment balloon 2 commentsEve Alexander • May 08 2012 12:24PM


I guess we have all types of agents. I do agree with you that agents should never try to push a buyer into anything.


Posted by Team Honeycutt (Allen Tate) over 7 years ago

Betty:  Buyers don't like to be pushed into anything, but some agents don't understand.  thank you for your comment.

Posted by Eve Alexander, Exclusively Representing ONLY Orlando Home Buyers (Buyers Broker of Florida ) over 7 years ago