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Florida's new "Home Inspection" rules: UGH!!!

Florida's new "Home Inspection" rules:  UGH!!!    inspecitions in florida

Florida has royally "screwed up" with the new Florida Home Inspector changes coming this summer. Just a long list of stuff that home inspectors don't need to check.

Because we always recommend that the home buyer get a good home inspection, I was thinking that forcing Florida home inspectors to get licensed and setting up guidelines for home inspectors was going to be a good thing, the reality is that the list of items that inspectors no longer need to inspect is growing... 

Let me name a few...

1. If a licensed home inspector finds termites, unless they have a additional license, they are not allowed to tell you. (..what termites? oh, that is just the grain in the wood...I don't see anything moving...)

2.  If the inspector goes up in the attic and sees MOLD, unless they are a general contractor or Mold assessor they cannot comment...(they cannot speak about the black evil that may make you sick...how crazy is that?)

3.  The Florida home inspectors only need to inspect a "representative" number of windows, doors, switches, locks, light fixtures, etc... that means that if there are 20 windows to inspect for broken panes, broken ballasts or non-operational windows, checking  5 should be adequate according to the new standards of practice...(sorry, not my job to see if all your windows work, or if your front door really locks...)

Here are more crazy things that inspectors can now say:

  • Yes, the A/C works, but not my job to check if the back room is cooling properly.
  • Errr...I am not allowed to point out code violations...
  • Sorry, I can't tell you if the house is unsafe for living...

If this is the new wave of Home Inspection future, I want no part of it.  I want to go back to the days when inspectors really did inspect, so let me dig up my roladex and find my list of the old guys who still know how to do home inspections, you know...the old school home inspectors who are not afraid to call it like it is.

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