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Windermere Buyers Broker and Buyer Confidentiality

Windermere Buyers Broker and Buyer Confidentiality

If a Windermere Home Buyer client is rich and famous and another Windermere Buyer client is living on a credit card, they both receive 100% Windermere Home Buyer Confidentialityconfidentiality from me.  There is no leaking of Buyer's Confidential information that is not in the buyers best interest. Home Buyer confidentiality means there is no bragging or blabbing about the buyer clients. 

Total Confidentiality in Real Estate is rarely offered in Florida because "Transaction Brokers" cannot offer full Fiduciary Duties, and agents that represent the seller keep nothing about the Home Buyer confidential. 

Total Buyer Confidentiality means you say as little as possible about your Buyer client as necessary and you keep anything personal about them private.

I once sold a divorcing couple each a home and neither one knew that I was also working with their other half.  My Windermere Home Buyer Clients come from all different countries, diverse backgrounds, varied sources of income; a few were on the edge of bankruptcy, spouse cheaters, or strategic defaulters.  I keep my mouth shut and always focus on what I am hired to do...to help buyers make a smart home buying investment.

If my client is frugal, but can afford more, I don't tell the listing agent.  If my client is borrowing from both Peter and Paul to scrape the deal together, it is no one else's business to know.  If my home buyer client is unreasonable, I will voice my opinion to them, but no one else will know because my lips will always stay sealed.

My job is to protect the Home Buyers negotiating position while finding them the right house for the best price and terms possible...it is not my job to judge them, discuss who they are, disclose what they do or divulge their finances.  Windermere Buyers Broker understands Buyer Confidentiality and practices it daily, because every Home Buyer really needs it.

For 100% Confidentiality in Buying Orlando Real Estate, call the Exclusive Buyers Brokers at 407-549-1053.

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