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Orlando new construction bargains

New home builders are feeling the crunch of competition. 

Now is a great time for home buyers to buy a home in Orlando. Builders are pulling out all the stops to snag the homebuyers.  Interest rates are going up and so are the prices of homes. Time to buy one of the hundreds of new construction homes popping up.


Orlando new home builders incentives

New home builders are offering all kinds of incentives.   New home builders want your business. New home builders are offering free upgrade incentives up to $30,000.  A free pool worth $25,000.  A whopping $20,000 in closing costs, drones, and vacation vouchers.

Not to mention the additional commission, bonuses and drones for the Real Estate agents.  Do agents care? Some do...

Some brokers make it a point to bring the buyer only to the builder who is offering the agent the most "goodies".  Not us. We are not the average agent and always put only the buyers best interest first. We take buyers only where their needs are best served.


More buyers are buying NEW homes Orlando

Last year, new home sales for Central Florida increased 26% from a year ago, while re-sale homes increased only 5%.  Builders have upgraded amenities, added incentives and revised the home designs.

Builder competition increases as land becomes scarce. As profit margins for builders are getting tighter, competition for homebuyers is getting fierce.  Instead of lowering the price, new home builders are getting aggressive with incentives.


Are these new homes really a bargain?

Maybe. Sure it sounds great, but nothing in life is really free. Read the small print.  Builder contracts are favorable only to the builder, never the buyer.  

To earn the incentives, the new home builders most always require that you use their affiliated mortgage and title company.  Sometimes these auxiliary companies are competitive and sometimes they gouge the buyer with thousands of dollars in junk fees.  Let us compare that for you.


New construction home buyers need an experienced buyers agent

A good buyers agent can sort out the good from the fluff.   Our job is to find you the best buys and make you an informed consumer.  

Can you get a better deal without a buyers agent? Absolutely not.  The builder always pays the broker's fee and will not discount one penny if you come alone...in fact, you might just end up paying more.


For a complimentary home consultation to learn about what upgrades will make you money or which are a waste, call for an expert opinion  407-539-1053

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Representing ONLY the best interest of the Home Buyer...never the seller.

 Eve Alexander Orlando Buyers Agent


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